Strength through Oi!

Watching the perseids… impressive this year, nice actually being able to see them for once instead of starting hopefully at clouds!

Just watched the ISS speeding by at eight kilometres per second and it made me think of this… Truly awe inspiring stuff

Go Home van

So everybody is getting their knickers in a twist because of the go home vans. While on the one hand I disagree with this by default, as it was done by the cuntservatives, on the other hand I can’t help but think, what’s the big deal?

It targets a criminal element of our society… if somebody drove around with ‘fiddle kiddies and go to jail’ or ‘stab people and face arrest’ nobody would bat an eyelid. The fact of the matter is, this whole country is obsessed with trying not to seem racist.

There is absolutely nothing racist about telling people who are breaking the law that they are breaking the law. The punishment for this is deportation. So, if you ‘go home’ you are avoiding prosecution.

Which brings me to my next point; although I personally do not feel this to be offensive, it is a bloody rediculous idea. ‘Oh no I better go home now otherwise I might have to go home later’. Really Dave? This is your best idea?

I dunno.. You could always, you know, try policing the border properly. Or possibly, and this one is pretty far out, try deporting people the moment you find them, instead of issuing them a court date and allowing them to disappear the moment they are out of custody…

It never ceases to amaze me just how wrong the internet is. I think some people are truly fucked up…like undiagnosed mental disorder fucked up.


Pretty much.


Pretty much.

So with half a bottle of rum, four hits of LSD and a small amount of amphetamines just in case shit gets a bit too real, today certainly has ‘potential to go tits up’ written all over it.


Doom print series by Jonathan Wayshak by GODMACHINE

18” X 24” Prints, numbered editions of 333. 

50 of each will be available from Thursday, 1st August 2013, at Quakconbooth #404. Remaining prints will be available on line, Friday August 16th, HERE. 

After an extended break from tumblr I have decided too come back on and see if anything has changed. I sincerely doubt that it has, but hey, keep an open mind and all that shizz..

Same shit different month on tublr. Havnt posted in weeks and pussies are still raging over my posts….life….if you dont have one by now its probably about time to get one.